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How can science explain magic? كيف يمكن للعلم تفسير السحر؟

we all watched movies related to magic or sometimes black magic like harry potter
but i've been thinking if magic is something abnormal what is the scientific explanation for the magic?

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    May 25 2011: Woow really great question dear, the answer is surely -like Michael say- there is no explaining for a lot of things in the world because we didn't get the end of knowledge and we will not.
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      May 26 2011: Exactly Ahmed we will not but the knowledge is a quantity approaching infinity so as we do take the limits in mathematics we do approach our limits there so we do what ever we can to find the truth but always there is no absolute one so we continue observing and researching and that how the scientific theory develop
      in my opinion magic here can be divided into tow sections :
      1- explained and thats is like electro magnetism and radiation
      2- un-explained yet and thats what the scientists should work on because living in a world with ungoverned phenomenas always been messy and unsafe .. .. uncertainty principle of Heisenberg showed us that we cannot determine the velocity and the position of an electron at the best results so i think this principle work everywhere

      so still the question remains its not if science can or cannot i believe it can but how?
      • May 26 2011: Abdul, I really feel that science can never explain it. As I said in my long post, the magical worldview and the scientific worldview are speaking two different languages. Now, I believe that in most cases translation between languages is possible. If that's what you want, then I suggest that searching for a way to translate those two worldviews to each other is needed. It is a worldview issue, not a methodological one.

        This is a good discussion.

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