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How do we stop the obvious media bias that is infiltrating news reporting from changing our true reality and influencing future events.

I'm concerned about the media's influence on those people not invested enough in current events to self fact check our politicians, therefore creating a new and false reality. We so often hear posturing elected officials uttering completely untrue statements that go unchallenged by the media if they support that official. We see political talk shows stocked with analyst that support the hosts views, we see newspapers with political agendas of their own. I'd love to hear suggestions on how "we the people" can reverse this tend and force news outlets to just report facts and trust the viewer or reader to form opinions. Newspapers and the network news outlets are dying because when they are compared to other options they are the least desirable choices. However the web and cable outlets are all too biased to be accepted as a true source of news. With our education process often times liberal leaning how do our kids form opinions free of bias? What outlets can be formed to fact check and fight against slanted news agencies? Our world is so small now because of our abilities to spread small news stories worldwide with minutes,(FLA pastor burns Koran) and affect actions across the globe. We need honesty and truth in our news reporting. How do we make this happen? How do we force accountability on those misinforming the public?

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    May 24 2011: Education and awareness.

    Read/watch news online.

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