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What will you do when you feel confused about your future? Or at least do something to relieve your anxiety?

I feel sad, I don't know what the meaning of life is?
All the time ,I just like being pushed by others to live!
I just like living under the other people's expectation!

  • May 23 2011: think about what your dream is, and work for that!
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      May 24 2011: This is really great advice! Thank you.
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    May 23 2011: 如果说我做什么,让你对我的未来很困惑,那么此时此刻,你就会减少你的焦虑。我不会很多英文,但我依靠翻译的浏览器与你们交谈,生命的意义,不是让别人来告诉你,而是由你自己去体会,你只喜欢被人推住,是不了解自己,还是不敢面对自己,没有勇气挑战生活,喜欢生活在别人的期望里,那只是你从小到大的生活方式,人是可以改变的,虽然说有些人是语言上的巨人,行动上的矮人,但这一切都决定于自己,我想你在以后的日子里一定可以找到自己的生活方式,而不是附属着他人,要知道没人可以保证你未来,未来是怎样的,选择权在你手里,人要积极的向上生活(我指的是精神,而不是物质)找到自己生活的意义,这样才能让生活变得丰富多彩,我祝福你可以把自己找回来,(或许积极心理学对你有很大的帮助)加油~
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      May 24 2011: 谢谢啦~~~中国人,我就打中文了。
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        May 25 2011: 我想这是很多中国的年轻人所困惑的地方吧!想想你想要什么样的生活?如果可以不考虑那些期待的话。然后把那些期待考虑在内,你可以有怎样的生活?对比一下....有的时候会发现我们要妥协的部分也不会像想象中那么多。
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    May 23 2011: I try to follow, things those are not at my control , no point of worrying about those to reach into an uncontrollable situation .............so focus only things I can influence and control.

    Also do what @ Wai Kit told about "3 idiots" i really love it :)
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    May 25 2011: Read some books related to your anxiety.

    Here's my favorite saying that went something like that; Almost everything that you want to know today, which someone had considered before, and sometimes, they left the answer in book.
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    May 24 2011: I probably would take 0.5 mg Ativan and take a nap.
  • May 23 2011: oh you should watch '3 idiots'. an indian comedy. all is well!