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Did God create sins? God made humans according to Himself. Humans sin. So do sins originate from God? Why doesn't God destroy sins?

This is just for discussion. No offence. If there is any offence to you, I apologise.

Do sins exist themselves or are they created?

Then God said, "Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground." (Genesis 1:26)

If humans sin and man is made in the image of God, does sins originate from God? Can and did God create sins?

If sins do not originate from God, why doesn't He destroy sins with his almighty power? Why does He allow sins to exist?

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    May 23 2011: For me this is a real brain bender. If I approach it from the studies I have done it comes down to this from Christian scriptural data:

    God made everything.
    God made Lucifer.
    God Knows everything.
    He knew that Lucifer would fall.
    He knew sin would enter the world.
    He knew mankind would fall.
    He planned for a redeemer.
    God is said to have existed in the very beginning so some remnent of the universe that is not God cannot be the source of sin.
    God is said to ominipresent so nothing snuck in from an alterante universe.

    How can I not then think that God created everything including sin for his "pleasure and purpose'?

    Yikes: as I said - it bend my brain to the hurting point.
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      May 23 2011: god would have no "pleasure and purpose".
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        May 23 2011: Tim, I promise you that I will never intentionally be disrespectful. The concept at His pleasure and for his purposes is throughout the NT.
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          May 23 2011: oh i know! debra your one of the coolist people on ted! but i think we have hit a crossroad, i refuse to believe in a god that would have such humanly imperfections such as a need for pleasure or purpose. and to your point to helen, isnt it in the bible god speaking of sin? so it would have to be on its mind.

          and whe i say "its" i refer to god, instead of "him" or "her"
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        May 23 2011: Hey Tim, I think that regardless of our individual beliefs we should treat all people with respect and if someone wants to discuss sin with me, I will tell them my understanding of the topic. It would be a mistake to jump to conclusions about my belief system. If I were speaking French I would use French words.
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          May 25 2011: im not trying to disrespect anyone! just mearly debating points made. unless theres something i said that made you think this?
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        May 25 2011: Nope Tim, it was an 'I' statement not a 'you' statement that I made.
        PS -Thanks for calling me cool. that was nice.
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      May 23 2011: So you're saying that God couldn't have any fun without sin?
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        May 23 2011: you would think God would be without a need for fun.
    • May 27 2011: one of my friends said that god allows sins to exist because of his love for humans. without sins, men cannot choose between believing in god or not, and thus, cannot experience the love of god.
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    May 24 2011: Sin is human created then GOD came into the scene to be blamed for human sinful act so that human can avoid personal responsibilty.
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    May 24 2011: Sure Debra................I had been raisedto believe that I was a SINNER as a matter of fact that all humans are sinners. But once I started to evaluate my beliefs this just did not compute. I think that it is inthe end a matter of free will. Sometimes when passions control us, then we can hardly be accused of sin. We are free to make choices but those choices are affected by what our life stance is at that particular time. When we understand it all there may be nothing to forgive. I hope I am making some sense. Guilt is not something I can judge.
  • May 23 2011: I guess it depends on ones views.

    If you are a Calvinist and do not believe in free-will then perhaps God is the sole source of sin.

    Personally, sin is relative. What one person considers a sin another person may consider a virtue. Each person and each group determines what actions will be considered sinful. That determination can come from whatever holy book the person or group chooses to conform to.
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    May 23 2011: Sin cannot be attributed to God. I doubt that sin actually exists in the mind of God.
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      May 23 2011: if god is really god, then everything is attributed to it. to exsist outside of god, well would discredit god
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      May 23 2011: Now Helen that is a fascinating (and I think quite plausible) thought! Can you elaborate on this?
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        May 24 2011: Debra ..............I did explain what I meant at least I tried to but I don't see my post. Isn't that weird? However it is on my comments page ??? Oh it is up in the beginning of the thread. Please look there.
    • May 27 2011: god is infinitely good. but i doubt if this contradicts the point that god created sins. if god made sins for a good cause, e.g. for the love of humans, then i don't think they contradict.
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    May 23 2011: maybe its US who allows sin to exsist with the free will empowered to us. or maybe sin is just a product of free will?
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    May 23 2011: 额,我对宗教不是很了解,只是觉得,罪恶是来自于心啊,它要是觉得自己错了,不因为宗教也会愧疚,嘿嘿,我也只是表述我自己浅薄的看法啊~
    • May 25 2011: 我也不很了解宗教,聽到朋友討論上帝有沒有創造罪惡。多謝你的分享。