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Can Poetry save the World?

In Godard's film "Notre Musique," the palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish contemplates on the role of poetry in social/political/national conflicts. His main example is Greece. He says he is looking for "the poet of Troy." He wonders if poetry is a tool or a symbol of power, i.e. whether the Greeks took Troy because of their poetic superiority, or if their poetic superiority was a symbol of their overall superiority.

What then is the role of poetry in contemporary conflict? Can it help ease the tension between nations? Can it give power to those who need it? Can we make poetry a part of our identities, and a tool for our progress? Or have we given that right only to our technology?


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    May 23 2011: No. What it can do is inspire others to take action. That is what will change the course of history and possibly save the world.
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      May 29 2011: Ideas create that spark you mention. Then it is up to that person to ignite that spark. We definitely need a lot more inspiration to change history. What do you think is the trick that helps people apply that inspiration? How can we take that inspiration and apply it?

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