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Finding common ground: What do we all agree upon?

I have during the past couple of months seen a wide range of different topics being disussed here on TED by a much more diverse group of people, with a much more diverse set of skills and interests, than I have ever witnessed in a single internet community before. People with different believes, from different parts of the world, and with very different backgrounds have engaged in dialouges that sometimes have been quite heated, but almost allways civilized, and to an astonishing extent very constructive.

So after all exchange that has happened, I can't help but wondering. What do we all agree upon? Can we create a collection of statements that we all seem to agree upon?

Edit: A list to add statements to and vote on statements with Google moderator has been created at http://goo.gl/mod/0073

Instructions: Click the link above, then "View ideas" and mark the statments you agree upon, or press "Add an idea" to add a completely new statement.


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    May 30 2011: Hi Kristofer, hello everyone !
    Great idea you got here, i just voted and added a few statements. I hope a lot of people will join the experience.

    Special thanks to Debra for pulling my french sleave ;)

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