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Ride a bike

Less cars, more bikes on the streets.
It's faster than you think.
It's not expensive and it's also good for your health.

"Why ride a bicycle?
- It's cheaper
- It reduces pollution and energy use
- You'll get exercise on your way to your destination"

If you can ride a bike instead of driving, do it. Learn how to ride a bicycle on the streets, in Brazil there's a program called Anjo da Bike. It teaches you how everything you need to know to ride a bike safetly on the streets. http://bikeanjo.wordpress.com/dicas/

Also, you can see, feel, smell and hear things that you wouldn't be able inside your car.

Experiences, projects, ideas, questions, suggestions!


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  • May 25 2011: Bikes are awesome. Just look at the chase scene near the end of E.T. I watch it and I feel like I could bike 100 miles :)

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