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What kind of power can a film have?

Can a film help to make the world a better place and change peoples attiudes? What should such films contain?


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    Jun 15 2011: One vital key to making our world a place where all people can prosper in peace and joyous harmony is communication. The language of motion pictures is powerful because it requires less energy and knowledge to read than text. Masses of people can understand moving image stories - yet be unable to express themselves in this medium. So the communication tends to be one sided. The rhetorical power of this language still rests in hands of the few. This concentration of power is dangerous and leads to many abuses. That's why the language of motion pictures must be learned by ordinary people all over our world with the same systematic seriousness spoken and written language is learned. The language of motion pictures, like music, has the potential for being a universal language. That is the promise. But this power must be shared more widely and equitably. Thankfully, with affordable accessible video technology, this is beginning to happen more and more. I am optimistic.

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