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What kind of power can a film have?

Can a film help to make the world a better place and change peoples attiudes? What should such films contain?


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    Tero -

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    May 30 2011: They can have a large impact on individuals, which then trickles down to society. Unfortunately, it is decided for us what gets into the movie theatres and what gets the good reviews.. so, in this sense, I believe that many films will actually have no impact or even a bad impact (rather than good, which is what we want). I am in anger over all the new movies that are mainly reflecting a large chunk of what 'society' has manufactured to be lately: lots of glitter and effects, but no real content.

    On the other hand, the best movies can cause people to think about their actions more carefully, inspire change and intellectual discussion. It's the best of feelings when you walk out of the theatre and actually want to discuss the impact the movie had on you. I personally try to go back to the movies that inspired thinking, or to those where the story and directing was truly artistic.

    Lately, I haven't been very impressed with a lot of the movies I've seen, though.. and I'm afraid that it may have the same fate as music. Lots of popular crap and the gems are hard to find, or very few and far apart.

    Lets hope not.
    • May 31 2011: Tero
      I believe you are right about what make a movie good. I also think that yes, many of the movies we have available are only for the glitter.

      I would say however, that entertainment is a valid use of film. Sometimes frankly I may go for the entertainment, and be pleasantly surprised to see some thought in the movie. It comes in all forms!

      The power of Money is a problem however.

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