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What kind of power can a film have?

Can a film help to make the world a better place and change peoples attiudes? What should such films contain?


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  • May 30 2011: I would definitely not undermine the impact of movies. Some of them have defined a perspective of thinking for many. If we search through the definition of "cult movies", people who like the movie actually adapt to the nature of a certain character of the movie.
    Now when we come around to the point of whether a movie can actually impact a person's attitude or the society as a whole, i would definitely agree. While I was doing my graduation, I was going through the most frustrating period of a teenager. Break-ups, bad score, regular retribution from parents, no close friends, etc to saw a few. You know at such times self-motivation rarely works. A helping hand is what a person wants. After all this is the basic reason why man is a social animal. Anyways, at that point of time, I took a liking to IMDB listed movies and started of with Shawshank Redemption. Today, I can say that a movie from 1993 changed my attitude in 2009. The didactics involved not only mesmerized me, but also kept me thinking a long time. I would be over-modest it if i said I just derived inspiration from it. It made me a more stable person, in a perfect tandem with the real world.
    I wonder how many people share such a feeling, but I do know that its the content and execution that makes a movie stand out. Morgan Freeman's narration was like an idle, passing revery, embossing itself in the mind as it passed. I wonder how my mind would have reacted in case it was someone else.
    The movies which need to make an impact should have a content which is foremost relevant, subsequently unambiguous. Ambiguity just distances the audience, hence hiding the message it associates with itself. Internationally relevant movies like Blood Diamond, Life is beautiful, Boy in stripped pajamas, Schindler's list hit a person with the that such an event is going on/has happened in the world. The content of such movies have commanded attention and awareness in a much larger audience than the actual event itself.

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