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What kind of power can a film have?

Can a film help to make the world a better place and change peoples attiudes? What should such films contain?


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    May 24 2011: I am very sorry to see that our beloved Jaime has removed the many formative and inspirational comments he made . We allow that in Ted unlike in real life where once a word is spoken it cannot be taken back.It struck me this morning reading over this entire conversation now absent the actual words Jaime spoke that its a little like reported accounts for all time of a visitation from an angel..it is remembered, it.is reefrred to, the impact of it is still present and carried forward but we have only our own reflections of it in us now..not the printed words, to carry these powerful ideas Jaime gave us into our lives and into the next level of this conversation.Jaime's wisdom is still here among us..in us. Only the words are gone..ubuntu at workwhether intentionally or not it reminds me what our process here at Ted is all about. It's not about the fixed words. It's about what we carry forward into our lives, into the wolrld from these "community conversations" What matters is what is in us when we leave..what more we have to bring into our lives as a result of this exchangeI posted this at our conversation on Ego this morning where Jaime also removed all his comments. Her I see the same thing..that his thoughts engaged us and moved us out of where we were when we came to the conversation . So I wanted to post it here as well. A kind of trinute to what he left us with just by being here to engage with us.
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        May 24 2011: I feel the loss deeply whenever someone removes their posts. I feel a sense of failure as part of a community as well that we did not nurture their gifts and insights and person. I hope we can make all voices feel more welcome by our genuine spirit of respect. We never know when a word will crush a spirit.
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          May 24 2011: I would not presume to speak for or judge Jaime..I was only sharing my own sense and the sort of "revelation" I had this morning. I don't think anyone has failed anyone ( did I miss an important event????)

          To me seeing Jaime's refelection in all the conversations from whih comments were removed suddenly spoke to what we are about here..or what I am about here.

          It isn't the words that are left here..its what we take away from here in our hearts, in our growth, inour insights from having been here.
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        May 24 2011: Oops! Another miscommunication on my part.
        I had no intension of implicating you in this. I was just expressing my own thoughts for myself. I like the last paragraph of your statement above and I smile that you and I have changed places somewhat. I started out only caring about the insights and came to love the transcript of them as well.
        I have spoken with Jaime by email and I am sad to see that he is leaving for at least awhile. I was enriched by his insights from the very beginning. He sees to the heart of the matter and tried to coax us all higher - sometimes we had eyes to see what he saw and other times we did not. Sometimes he did not see what we saw.
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          May 24 2011: @ Debra Smith transcript vs, what we take in

          well...it's both isn't it?

          Value of Transcript:

          For those who weren't here withus particpating in the conversation..they only have the transcript and when comments that are referred to or which influenced the flow and unfolding are no ongerthere. those who habe only the transcript don;t have th ewhole picture. ( I am particular on what was actually said..part of my advocacywork,.poured over and used transcripts in a lot of my advocacy work). As yoi know i belive Ted Conerstaions is a very bold social expereiment and I believe the record we build here is very important.

          Value of What we Take In:

          For those of us lucky enoigh to be actually present and engaged in these conversations, all taking place in a great social experiment, what matters isn't the record but what we take away inside us that wasn't there before and how we turn that into some sort of gift for the world.

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        May 24 2011: Lindsay - we are getting more and more often to YES!I would add though that I think the transcript is really useful during the conversation.
        Unlike speaking where the words go invisible into the world, these words have staying power. I often find myself reading someone's perspective, thinking about it for a couple of hours and playing with their ideas and trying them on for size - to respond a couple hours later. I have even gotten up in the middle of the night to respond to a wonderful point where the penny dropped in my dreams!!
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          May 25 2011: I do the same thing.. I can't disagree..I would prefer the conversation be preserved in tact.
    • May 25 2011: i honestly feel like im missing something now. but there are still many opportunities to learn. =)
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        May 26 2011: Can we clarify something for you Chandler? I am sure any one of us would be happy to try.

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