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What kind of power can a film have?

Can a film help to make the world a better place and change peoples attiudes? What should such films contain?


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    May 22 2011: I think that expecting a film to completely change a person's mindset is just grasping for straws. But, can a film inspire people, or prompt them to maybe realize that they haven't evaluated all of the viewpoints of a particular situation? I think so. Take for instance, the documentary The Black List. A three-volume documentary that showcases three hours of interviews with African-American leaders in various fields, most of which many people have never heard of. It was amazing to sit there and watch, especially on a weekend during one of the roughest years of my academic career. I felt like there was a light at the end of the tunnel, that if they, and millions of other people could make it through college, and come out on the other side, then I could too.

    Or, take for instance, Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ. I can't say if anyone converted to Christianity because of the movie, but I do know that it resulted in many Christians reevaluating their beliefs, values, and actions.

    So can a film do what you ask? I believe it can, so long as we take the time to try to impart a thoughtful, yet clear message.

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