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Consider this.

Okay, imagine that the entire universe and every single particle inside of it disappeared.

What is there? You'd say nothing of course, but can nothing really exist without the comparison of something? If everything is nothing then isn't nothing everything? Well what is everything?

No multiverse stuff (not saying I disagree with it, just for the sake of this question) just assume that they all disappeared.

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    May 25 2011: I like to think im relatively clued about about physics and the Universe..

    but your question trumps even the worlds most elaborate and sophisticated minds..

    How can there be nothing, there must be something for there to be anything?
    if the Universe will expand untill every single atom is pulled apart from another, when does the pull contact? why does it contract? why is it pulling and contracting? what drives it?

    eeekkk.... i think there is steam coming from my ears.... haha
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    May 22 2011: If the universe was nothing I think we'd abandon dualism and see it as it is, nothing.

    There doesn't need to be a black to every white.
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    May 21 2011: I guess when the entire universe will disappear a new universe will be there ))
    the same thing happenned with our universe - it came out from nothing!
    But it seems like we'll never know who is right...