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school was invented about 100 years ago. Should it be re-Invented again?

sitting in-front of the teacher , that spells out information is boaring and very old fasion. kids are board. teachers are bard. in todays WEB ebvironment, information is at the tip of the mouse. how should the new school look like? how should it operate?


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    May 23 2011: In this information age, I insist that maybe we should be aware of that the information provided by WEB is not the same kind of information by teachers. the information coming from WEB is non-emotional,with no-order. in short,they are pure and raw information. however, the information delivered by an actual teacher is often coming along with wisdom. wisdom is indeed ineffable , thus cannot be grasped by merely browsing the internet.
    Admittedly lots of today's schools are disappointments. not so much teachers have wisdom,at least in china. People may come up with new ideas of how to coordinate resources, new ideas of education system. But invariablely the imortance of the wisdom which is exclusivly owned by an actual teacher is unreplaceable

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