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Should black and white movies be colored?

Today we can do nearly everything. With the help of modern devices and science development many tasks can be performed. But maybe it is better to make some things remain as they are? Reading real books - not ebooks, watching our old black and white movies? What do you think?


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    May 21 2011: I don't see any point in doing something in an inferior manner when there are better ways available.

    Though I was born on the end cusp of generation x. Somebody older may yield an entirely different response.
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        May 22 2011: Clerks is black and white? I swear it was in colour.. Might be two movies by the same name.

        I definitely see how black and white can be used for artistic reasons.
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        May 22 2011: I do not want to watch The Elephant Man or Schindler's List colored. It's like dressing the Greek statue in fashion clothes - idiotism!
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          May 22 2011: Would not care to see the film noir period colourized either.

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