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The 3 dimensions of space, are they an inherent property of space, or are they our invention for practical-calculative purposes?

We all agree that our space is 3-dimensional, and not, for example, 2-dimensional. But the question is, does the space truly have any dimension at all? I don't mean to say it has zero dimensions or any other number of them. But that what we call
3-dimensions, aren't they just our need & invention for calculative purposes, emerging from the 3 axes lying 90 degree to each other?

  • Jul 12 2011: Yes we are giving codes and symbols to understand the universe and to make the life easier. And we are giving it as we see. I believe there's far more we can't see or don't know about the universe. It can be changed in the future. Humanity won't stop thinking and learning.
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    May 26 2011: The concept of three dimensions I think arose out of our perceptual experience of the world. I agree that the concept has been very practical for calculation. Most modern theoretical physics models rely on 10 or more dimensions, these propositions also arise out of computational convenience (the only way the math makes sense so far).
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    May 22 2011: Often it seems like the dimensions are just folds. Is a shadow the same as the box that is blocking the light.