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is more than one God possible?

is more than one God possible rationally?
if there is more than one God why we do not feel any war between them?
if there was more than one God we would see their messengers.
according to holly books like Torah, Bible, Koran they mention one and the same God.
is there any evidence showing there is more than one God?
are deities believed to be God are real Gods?
what is real God? and what is non-real God?


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  • J Ali

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    Jun 10 2011: Barry,please read my comments....

    more than one god, the creator, is impossible.
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      Jun 10 2011: Why not? All of your arguments are based on your definition of God, which the one defined the Koran. If you actually use the words for what they mean instead of what the Koran says they mean, you'll see that polytheism is as likely as monotheism.

      Let's avoid the word "god" for a moment, because it's an overloaded word. What is a creator? Someone who has created something in some fashion... right?

      Our universe is composed of different kinds of matter (particles), even on a quantum level. Therefore, it is possible that each kind of matter was created by a separate creator.

      Also, the universe might have been created static, and so the being that made it dynamic might have been another being, or in other words, the creator of time might be a separate creator from the being(s) that created matter.

      Also, the dynamic characteristic of the universe (the "laws" of physics) might have been a design by committee, and the being that started it all might have been another being.

      It is also possible that if there was a being that interferes in our universe, it is a separate being from all of those beings.

      As an analogy, think of your computer as the universe... and then think you vs. whoever started your computer vs. whoever assembled your computer vs. whoever made each part.

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