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There are three minds in a body - Brain, heart and gut. When they work together in harmony it produces a great body and powerful mind.

Since dawn of civilization, humans have always expressed love, feelings and emotional pain coming from the heart and basic feeling or intuition coming from the gut. Hence the expressions broken heart, gut feeling etc. Rationalists and scientists have scoffed at these expressions saying they are only metaphors, but recent researches suggest that they may have scientific explanations.

It seems both heart and gut have a mind of their own and besides communicating with the brain about their activities they might also be helping in brain development, reducing depression and just increasing the level of well being of a person. We will try to show in this essay (http://www.nariphaltan.org/gut.pdf) how brain, heart and gut minds work together to produce a happy person.


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    May 21 2011: We have neurones everywhere in our body , so if you think sending signals by neuron means having mind then we have many minds or you want to say in terms abundance of neuron in an organ to be a mind?

    "Life starts when it starts beating (21 days of cenception) & ends (clinical death) when it stops" I disagree with it as you mentioned in your attachment about heart. Are you saying that zygote or even sperm and ovum to be lifeless?What about uniceullar and multicellular organism without a heart. Are all those lifeless? What about plants are those lifeless?

    Actually defining life & death are really very complicated in complex species as even after clinical death of human many cells and organ are alive, thats why cadaveric transplantation of organs is possible. There are many evidences after so called clinical death human being came to so called life , so that would not be possible if life was concentrated in one or the other organ.

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