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Do you think we our programming are children right from the day they are born?

Right from the day they are born children are being told. From their name to what their religion needs to be, our kids are constantly being directed by us. As the years pass on this continues with the kind of education they need, who they should marry, what clothes they should wear, which god they should worship etc.
So what does that do to fostering creativity and innovation when as a society we are programmed to follow what we are told?


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    May 22 2011: We are a products of our DNA and environment, the question is to what degree does each contribute to our individuality.

    Steven Pinker says, in paraphrase, "We are determined in part, and only in part, by our genetics. In part by our culture, both the wide culture and the culture of the individual, or his peer group, and to a great degree... greater than many care to acknowledge, by chance occurrences during our life."

    He makes the case that in fact, parents have little influence on how a kid "turns out." He sites studies that found that identical twins raised together are no more similar than identical twins raised apart. What does this tell us? Parenting has little net effect on the resulting adult's personality/success.

    This has some disconcerting implications, such as- does parenting even matter? I think all a kid needs is food, shelter, love and education. The more love and education you supply, the better "chance" the kid has to make good decisions for him/herself, but in the end those decisions are their own.
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      Jun 6 2011: Child raising can be put into very simple terms. your job as the parent is to guide your child down the road of developement. teaching them were the edges of the road are. teach them to read the road signs so they know where they are going. provide a good roadmap of all the streets and highways. hold onto them until they demonstrate a proficiency in negotiating the road then let go and hope they remember which way to turn when you are no longer in the car with them. As for the rest, only they should decide which road to take in life, and make there own roadmap for their kids. if you try and stay in the car to long you will only make them unsafe drivers that worry over whether they are making the right choice or whether you will approve of what they are doing. If they have a little accident pick them up dust them off put them back in the car. sorry for the car reference professional driver.

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