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Would you join a community where musicians take power back on the music industry?

If we can't produce music, we can't offer happiness to people!

We are the source of music! If we don't have control on it, who does?
Google? Apple? are they doing a good job? Does it serve us and the purpose we created music for? Is it serving the people?

Without us, there is no music!

Would you join a community where we would shape the standards of distribution? Where we would pressure big corporations! where we would create new industry standards? Where we would get back the wheel of our own boat?

Would YOU join?

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    May 24 2011: It's a shame to see music turned into something that is distributed vs something that is played/sung.
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      May 25 2011: Tim my friend you're absolutly right,i was taught that you judge a singer/musician on how they bring it live.

      If someone was to setup a site run by musicians for musicians atleast it would take away the power microsoft has and stop the labels and corporations only exsposing what they want the populace from seeing?
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    May 22 2011: Down with Clear Channel Communications and their affiliates. They dominate the industry in the U.S.A. They held 70% of all the radio stations, they own many major venues, and the largest ticketing company. It's a monopoly.

    I'll join the club.
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    May 21 2011: Start a charity"Money for Server space for unsigned musicians" then call the new site Mdrop where musicians are required to have a live video of what ever they want to upload,original lyrics/music only no covers whatsoever and a $1 upload fee which obviously goes toward the rent until you attract enough advertising clientele to where its selfsustaining and can drop the fee.find a legal firm willing to donate it's services for advertising to handle"Unsigned artists infringement rights"but the most important feature would be no signed or record label or corporation whatsoever in any form aloud onsite for any purposes.Have a thumbs up n down and comment system that way the majority of the surfers find the system easy to operate.it's already out there in the forms we all know.

    Hell incorporate a online chat show/radio for each jonra but then someone must have had this idea already somewhere sometime i just don't know of any.

    It's very hard for muso's some never get anywhere yet keep trying.
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      May 21 2011: I've heard tell that it's a curse to be too good a musician. Talent with no resources . . . major bummer.

      I like your idea!
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      May 22 2011: If you set your sights on economic success or garnering major label backing then probably you are right and most musicians will get 'nowhere'.

      If you create songs and perform them with skill and passion then you are a successful musician..
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        May 23 2011: money is a side effect to the true path. When doing it for the right reasons life will provide for itself and when you are really good then life may provide an abundance. Unless of course you are a corporate pet like a boy band, then you are just playing the market and not the soul.
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        May 24 2011: "'successful musician' . . . . definition: creating song and performing them with skill and passion." I would call that a 'musician'.

        Generally speaking, a 'successful musician' is one that pays the bills with their music, no?