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Musicians get power back on the music industry!

If we can't produce music, we can't offer happiness to people!

We are the source of music! If we don't have control on it, who does?
Google? Apple? are they doing a good job? Does it serve us and the purpose we created music for? Is it serving the people?

Without us, there is no music!

Would you join a community where we would shape the standards of distribution? Where we would pressure big corporations! where we would create new industry standards? Where we would get back the wheel of our own boat?

Would YOU join?

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    May 24 2011: usually popular entertainers just inspire people to play music for money which is defusing the music a person produces. so much money making music is made as entertainment and not expression
  • May 21 2011: Of course the argument might be that a popular entertainer inspires a great many people to rise to great level of sucess and skill of expression. Its a weak argument as if more people shared music as players inspiration would be overflowing: a global melting pot. And would have nothing to do with money and everything to do with indiduality as well as movements and expression.
  • May 21 2011: Plus. I work in a job where money is circulated through nessesity. Thats a service I feel proud of. Being a rock/pop/composer star could never access this achievement it would rather work on a more base level of false confidence and vanity. Sorry
  • May 21 2011: Id rather musicians worked normal jobs and music was seen as an expression shared by the majority as musicians instead of just listeners. Id rather there was no music business. I play music but i don't pretend that I'm doing the world some kind of service even If I was the most popular entertainer in the world i'd rather empower people tyo get togethor and share their individual music with wider community. We have Open-mics and gigs what about open Jams? Few and far between! It would be in the worlds interest to get together and play together not fritter away money worshiping false idols and coming together to waste energy that would be better spent trying to campaign for social improvements such as truer democracies better health care equality in education.....
    Listening to your favourite music is no match to the mind, body and soul expansion of playing music with others. Lets destroy the Music industry! Time We created a better world less hyperbole more interaction.