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Does the lack of physical education classes in many public schools contribute to the childhood obesity epidemic?

When I was in public school we had to take gym every day. I had 50 minutes of "physical education" every school day from Kindergarten through Senior year of high school. It turns out that LOTS of schools don't have gym anymore. So, does missing out on this 50-minute "workout" every school day contribute to childhood obesity.


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    May 21 2011: You make an excellent point about walking. I can remember walking to friends' houses, or the corner store, or down to the ball field...Is it that parents are afraid to let their kids walk anywhere (news reports of "predators" etc.)?
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      May 21 2011: Yes, I think the fear of other people is keeping kids in a strange and unhealthy capitivity. The sad part is that there is too much validity in the pervasive worry to ignore it even though it is true that most kids are abused by people they know. This state of affairs leads to highly organized sports that are available only to some.

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