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A library in every neighborhood to foster a love of reading among Arab children, inspiring future generations to read for pleasure.

We Love Reading aims to positively impact children throughout the Arab world by creating a generation of children that love, enjoy, and respect books through the establishment of a library in every neighborhood in the Arab world. The new libraries will train women from the neighborhoods in which they are located to read aloud to children 4 to10 years old, utilizing age-appropriate reading material.
The first step is to identify a location in a marginalized area that can serve as a neighborhood library for boys and girls, aged 4-10 years old. then provide the library with age-appropriate reading material in Arabic through partnerships with regional publishers. Next train women from the neighborhood on the values and benefits of reading aloud and the philosophy and tenets of the model. I have developed a read aloud training kit that provides the necessary tools to teach this technique. The women host read aloud sessions at the libraries on a routine basis and books are distributed to the children to read at home and exchange each session. Training more adults to read aloud will lead to the creation of informal and sustainable networks of model readers who will inspire children and their communities to read and reap the educational benefits. Meanwhile, the library together with local NGOs can serve as a platform for raising awareness on other issues such as health and environment.

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    Feb 18 2011: I'd suggest to consider using tablets and digital books alongside paper books. It would facilitate the acquisition of new materials while also allowing people to get used to the new technologies and their use.