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Why it is generally accepted to quote, display, etc. ideas or icons regarding various Eastern religions but not okay to talk about Jesus?

I find that in media, internet dialogue, shoot, even at cocktail parties... that it is okay to subscribe to and TALK about leaders and teachings from new age thinkers, Eastern religions, or whatnot... but if Jesus is mentioned, it is suddenly treated as something stupid or not serious. And people who believe in Jesus are painted as stupid or not serious because that is what they believe. I would love to hear thoughts about why.

Closing Statement from Sylvia Lange

Every religious group has its fanatics that tend to get more press than the "mainstream" followers of that religious group. But in the name of "tolerance", the western culture today has pretty much zero tolerance for Christians. In the media. In schools. In everyday life.

Case in point: A hair salon in my hometown has a larger-than-life Buddha right at the entrance. If that was a crucifix, the shop owner would be criticized to no end. On the walls of nearly every shop in the town, there are Hindu, Buddhist, etc. paintings and icons displayed and it's all accepted because it's a "new age", hippy-kind of town. But iI\n the same town, a local artist recently painted a beautiful mural of a surfing madonna on a wall and the controversy over the religious overtones has gotten so hot it's now on the evening news. Double standard? I think so.

What is it about Jesus that freaks people out so much? Some of His followers, well now, I can understand the criticisms! But every single group has its whacko's. But why the intolerance and sometimes hatred of HIM?

I am a simple Christian. I love and believe in Jesus Christ and the saving act He did when he was killed that night so many years ago. I don't have all the answers in life and instead, live by faith in Someone unseen. I make no apologies about that. But what grieves me is that to just say that, no matter if you're a more "quiet" believer like me or an outspoken bigot like those we see in the media... it's not tolerated and I can't understand why.

Thanks for the dialogue folks. Leave it to TED for a good forum. :)

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    May 22 2011: Sylvia is right,when one mentions Jesus christ the person or groups tense up,i see it all the time,especially if there are Jehovahs witnesses involved and that poor group of people are relegated to bug status more than the other groups of christianity,i wonder why.

    Let me try an experiment

    The Big bang theory is an umbrella full of holes,the harder one patches a rip a new tear rips open and lets the rain in but instead of throwing it away and getting a new one you just keep trying to keep it together as the material frays and frays and violates key laws in physics.was penzias looking for evidence of the Mbr or performing another experiment.What was the history of the Mbr's predicted temperature? what is the Mbr?If hubble in 29 had discovered the quassar and it's perculiar redshift properties would he have proposed his formula?The overall structure of the observable universe is proposed to be a mishmash lattice-like structure but 13.5 billion years is not enough time for these types of structures to form it's older.How is it that superMacro blackholes power galaxies when they would have to be in existence during the bang? or are they Q-drives?

    Man is a group animal it's in the encode under dataset :bio security :species propagation.
    We will band together no matter where we are,even online we form groups.

    In the christian world the non christian is closed minded,arrogant and uninformed,in the
    non christian world the christian is uninformed,arrogant and close minded.

    allusions and assumptions aside ted is a cool ideas platform.
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    May 21 2011: I really would like to see all places especially TED as a place where everyone is welcome and could express their impressions and their world views. This lead me to try hard to answer Sylvia's question with honesty and sincerity. I have already mentioned divisive finger pointing within the faith, and other have also mentioned the north American history of it being the dominant religion.

    One more factor might be that it is never just a conversation about Jesus. It is always a prelude to being convinced to join the club. It always feels like there is an agenda. Come to church- and many churches are arranged around a not very subtle getting to know people not just because they care but to fulfil the great comission- a great numbers game. Why on earth of the commandment 'like feed the poor' that was said hundreds of times did everyone pick out 'go into all the world and make disciples" and or stone the homosexuals- as their guiding principles?

    No one anywhere wants to feel that your interest in them is simply as a task to a bigger goal.
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    May 22 2011: One could write a book on the word "Romans" but if the words "ancient romans" or "Byzantine italy" were used would it properly describe what i was trying to put across?the answer is "i don't know" but it would've been politically correct.

    Teds cool it was probaly a hiccup so i'll ask or post a email but i think i'll just try and repost,one should never jump to far ahead of oneself which should of been the proper course of action instead of the jump

    Man is the core meaning behind my posts,man has a way of changing things to suit his vanity,he could'nt change what was written in the bible but he could add attachments in a subfolder under the heading "interpretation" and then create a whole world of possibilities.

    Christianity across the planet is in decline,it's last great bastion is in the states and south america and it's also on the defensive as modern man rails against it's parentage? like a teenager who wants to breakout and party.

    In the last one hundred years has mans genomes had new genetic data added to it? say from
    increased knowledge? What about in the last two thousand years? or the millenium before that?

    Is man mature? or a twelve year old?
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    May 20 2011: Gotta love WBC (not really..)
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    May 20 2011: This may have to do with christians having more political influence in the west than say a buddhist or a hindi. The christian right can be very reactionary and influence peoples to vote or boycott businesses for maddening reasons. Jerry Farwell stirring up controversy over a purple teletubby being gay comes to mind. That kind of thinking becomes a mark against all christians even if they are infuriated by it.
    Eastern religions have the advantage of being eastern (far away). We don't get to see them up close with all there flaws. I'm sure the Farwells of the west have there western counterpart, but they never make it out of there cultural din to our ears. For a eastern to gain any kind of religious here it has to be of Gandhi quality.

    If your goal in this talk is to find a way to make christianity more serious all I can recommend is self policing. A bit more C S Lewis, a bit less Pat Roberson.
    • May 20 2011: I am a Christian. And as one, deep down to my core, I am embarrassed and insulted by public figures who call themselves Christians, who give the name a BAD name... like the one you quoted. Christians who really truly love and are committed to Jesus are not necessarily all like Sarah Palin, or Jerry Fallwell, or Ted what's-his-name in Colorado. I don't want to be "like" any human anyway; I want to be like Christ. And boy do I ever fall short. But those are the character traits I aspire to: kindness, gentleness, open-mindedness. And I want to hang on tightly because I do believe eternity of joy in heaven is found through belief in Him. Now before people jump all over me for saying that, let me reiterate: I BELIEVE. Love you all. Enjoy thbe dialogue.
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        May 20 2011: Thanks for emphasizing the word believe. One of the issues that at least the protestant branches of christianity has is that it came about roughly at the same time as the enlightenment, and has borrowed a bit too many idiom if the scientific community. Some tend to take a much too literal view of their scripture, instead of looking for deeper meaning.
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    May 20 2011: Ken, I hope that we will not be a community that makes people feel that they aren't literate enough or don't think fast enough to have a say.

    I read today that there are 1.9 billion atheists in the world. That still leaves a lot of people of varying belief systems. We have to learn how to communicate well enough to make everyone feel that they- as a human being- are welcome to the party. The problem arises when people have been over exposed to concepts that do not change, were once in a dominant power over too many lives with too little ability to express descenting opinions. People do not have the same tainted experience with eastern religions.

    North Americans are used to being inundated with radical, pushy, extreme and unkind Christian viewpoints. This makes people not only wary but sometimes unkind in response. They want the door closed so that they do not have to fight this embarassing battle of condemnation again with someone who blithely and almost gleefully tells them that they will fry in hell. It is one of the same reasons Islam has such a poor reception in some quarters.

    The best advice i can share is to remember what Ghandi said about this matter .

    I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.
    Mohandas Gandhi

    A man who was completely innocent, offered himself as a sacrifice for the good of others, including his enemies, and became the ransom of the world. It was a perfect act.
    Mohandas Gandhi
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      May 20 2011: I'm afraid it is deb.

      i posted a Question in "Questions" i think, which said quite simply

      "Um why is there no plasma cosmologist speakers on ted"

      I saw it being submitted,it was thrown up with in an hour it had disappeared,it never existed.If it was put somewhere or got lost i don't know but if someone can find it for me then this text shall be deleted.

      I love science it is a tool created by us to ask questions of our environment.i don't care if you're athiest or muslim or christian or tsorastrian? or hindu,a good argument is a good arguement,the trick is is to stay interested in the arguement and science is a good platform where two tribes can go to war.sadly if i'm thinking correctly then Ted is a biased site and only chooses what it wants to be advertised and not a dispassionate scientific forum for promoting scientific ideas and knowledge.

      I follow the christian path out of individual choice,i made this choice as an adult it wasn't thrust upon me as a child by fearful uninformed idiots like we have done for centuries.Romans who turned into italians who spread the word but could'nt help themselves and threw in some cheese with the pasta.
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        May 20 2011: Ken, let's address the problem with the question you posted and that it disappeared first. I might be able to help (maybe not but i'd like to try). When I was first on the site, I found it hard to find things. If you go to 'my conversations' under your picture at the top left of this screen and click and then click on 'my comments' can you screen back until you find any posting you yourself did under the question? If so click on that and see if it takes you to the question you posted.

        If that does not work contact TED admin and ask them outright why your question was removed. They are usually responsive if you are clear and polite.

        I believe you when you share your love of science and of good debate. You will never have a more formidable bunch of debaters than you'll find here - if you stay and stand toe to toe. If you give up now you will never know what you might have accomplished. It might be an uphill battle because you might have to overcome preconcieved notions and you might have to be a better ambasador for your faith than anyone has been here before but something tells me you might be up for the battle- especially if you beleive that you will get a little divine assistance in fighting the good fight.
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    May 19 2011: Because you believe he was the son of God probably and not that he was just a highly influential individual.
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      May 20 2011: That's not what i was trying to get across but in saying so,you're twice right and one wrong,i don't have the literacy skills you guys have in putting your opinions across or the speed of translating thought through excellent typing skill,current speed of brain cell pattern generation for aquiring a new concepts and skill is by age half of what it used to be.
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        May 20 2011: Who is you guys? I'm twenty and I said probably. You are supposed to correct me in my errors not interpret them immediately. Although that is wise, you need more understandings prior to analyzing fully.

        What were my two right and one wrong? I only really stated two ideas.
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    May 19 2011: Wait til you see a Question you've posted deleted (that shocks you!) within an hour of posting.

    I prefer to use his hebrew name "Yeshua" it feels like i'm addressing a real being not what the italians tells us.
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      May 20 2011: It might just be that the question faded back to the back of the bunch because recently responded to questions move forward in the queque.
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      May 20 2011: Ken, The question that Sylvia asked is so straight forward and head on and sincere that I have tackled answering it from my observations.

      Another reason for the rejection of all things Christian by many people is this habit of pointing grimy fingers at other parts of the Christian faith. I perceive from your comment about 'Italians' that you are referring to Roman Catholics.

      Many nonreligious folk or people of other faiths look and that and think- what a cheap shot and will trust the person who speaks like this far less. Perhaps realizing that people are not as doctrinely aligned or discerning as you choose to be will help you see my point. All others see - is one person biting their own kind and they wonder- when will he take a bite out of me? This leads to further alienation.