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Can we live without a religion?

Many people associate the word religion to Islam , Christianity or Judaism
but religion word is much more than that
religion in short form is a "life style " believe or not
your life style is your religion
religion is a template with Basic fields
Who Made life ?
Why he made ?
What he want from you? in other word how should we spend our time in this word ?
any answers to the above question will form a religion regardless of the answers
Who Made life ? no one
Why he made ? I don't know
What he want from you? No thing
how should we spend our time in this word ? as I wish
this a complete religion
but the question will be is it True or false answers
What I want to say

"No one can live a single moment without a religion "

but he can live with true or false religion deepening on his answers


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    Jun 21 2011: my opinion,when looking in context, religion is based in blind belief which means you are believing in something that there is not much evidence on.

    ancient religions like the Greeks believe in the concept of many gods and how the world was created but really did not catch on

    what makes religion so special like Christianity, Islam and Judaism is they explain in the holy books is how life is created in the world and also how to live your life

    so you are right that it is associated to having a life style like in modern religion today and we all have different life styles

    but sometimes people just define religion as believing in something that is make believe or supernatural

    a good example is a person who is a atheist who does not believe in a type of god but is able to live a good lifestyle

    its true that we still don't have full understanding of life was created and the existence of life, that we rally on religion so much that there is a number of religious studies, anthropologists, and archaeologists take this in a serious manner of looking for truth

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