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Can we live without a religion?

Many people associate the word religion to Islam , Christianity or Judaism
but religion word is much more than that
religion in short form is a "life style " believe or not
your life style is your religion
religion is a template with Basic fields
Who Made life ?
Why he made ?
What he want from you? in other word how should we spend our time in this word ?
any answers to the above question will form a religion regardless of the answers
Who Made life ? no one
Why he made ? I don't know
What he want from you? No thing
how should we spend our time in this word ? as I wish
this a complete religion
but the question will be is it True or false answers
What I want to say

"No one can live a single moment without a religion "

but he can live with true or false religion deepening on his answers


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    May 21 2011: Who Made life? Nobody..
    Why he made? See above.
    What he want from you? See above.
    How should we spend our time in this word? However we want.

    Religion: The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods.

    I'm a secular humanist/naturalist.

    I do not call myself religious. I am not religious by definition or choice.
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      May 22 2011: Danye
      your religion called atheism
      "Religion: The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods"
      Religion is the believe No matter what this believe is
      even believing there is No GOD is a religion
      Islam religion is similar to yours with two extra words
      There is no GOD expect Allah
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        May 23 2011: For some strange reason, many people keep getting the idea that atheism is itself some sort of religion. It's an assertion which I keep hearing in newsgroups, in private email, and in this site's chat room. Maybe it is because these people are so caught up in their own religious beliefs that they cannot imagine any person living without religion of some sort. Maybe it is due to some persistent misunderstanding of what atheism is. And maybe they just don't care that what they are saying really doesn't make any sense.

        • May 24 2011: Yes it is. This idea that Religion hinges on some supreme being is false, as there are plenty of religions without one.

          Atheism for one.
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          May 25 2011: there is a BIG different between concept and product
          if we say vehicle is mean for human transportation
          then every object that can transport human is a vehicle

          religion is an answer to the root cause of the existence
          and since ATHEISM has an answer to the root cause of existence which is Accident or Searching for new answer
          then ATHEISM qualify to be a religion
        • Jun 11 2011: @ AbdelRahman Siddig
          And yet when I look up religion in a dictionary the word listed under antonyms is atheism. I do understand that the goal justifies the means but toying with definitions of words just to create an impression that atheism is the same animal with a different name is unjustified. Lack of faith can be called a belief just as chaos can be called some kind of order, but while semantically it may sound acceptable to some it does not describe the position in a reasonable way at all. "Not collecting stamps is not a hobby".
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          Jun 11 2011: In my opinion, the major difference between atheism and religion is that religion involves the belief of a higher supreme being ( god) whereas atheism doesn't.That's why I don't consider atheism to be a form of religion.Do correct me if I'm mistaken.
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          Jun 18 2011: As an atheist myself, I like to think of atheism as not to be a form, or any form of religion. At the same time, perhaps the analysis could be done in terms of a "religion", as a "belief". Being an atheist is a belief, and if therefore someone who thinks of atheism as some type of religion, or belief, then yes, atheism is a belief.

          The real point here is: There is no god.
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          Jun 19 2011: Do we really have tos start calling ourselves non-believers instead of atheists or is that a religion too?

          Let's clarify once and for all that belief and religion are two different things. You can be a feminist and believe that women should be treated much better than they are today. Does that make feminism a religion? No.

          You could argue that many religions have no God but other spiritual concepts. But do these people refer to themselves as atheists? Again no.

          Atheists are people who don't believe in any form of religion (yes I use the word believe and I'm not letting anyone hijack it to mean religion).

          As I once said in another thread, if A has property B and C has property B too, that doesn't mean A = C, that's an association fallacy. Say what you want about atheism, it certainly doesn't tick all the boxes of religion.

          Either we can start calling ourselves something else or we can all just start facing the music and stop playing around with semantics.
        • Jul 21 2011: I agree with the previous few posts. My interpretation of the word religion is a belief SYSTEM and in this system a person must believe everything presented (generally a higher power too) and do everything told that is necessary (including not doing certain things, too) in order to gain some type of reward, even if it is just an acceptance with the higher power(s). From what I've seen/heard atheists just don't believe in anything out there, so they don't even do the first step. Now, if we're saying that every belief is a religion, or creates another religion, then I'm changing my religion daily just by believing it won't rain one day, then being disproven, and believing the rain won't stop, then being disproven. So many religions would be falsified every second >.> Well, not that most aren't already.

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