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Have you ever wondered...? Questions you asked when you were a child

When I was little I found myself very curious always asking about the things around me, unfortunately my mom would tell me it was rude to ask questions or scold me because she didn't know the answer. The end result: I had stopped asking questions. Now that I am 16, I realize I hadn't made the best decision; I should keep asking questions and so should everyone else :)

What things did you wonder when you were little?

A few of mine:

Why do we live?
Why do we die?
What is time?
Do blind people have dreams?
How much does the sky weigh?
Why is water wet?
Why do I cry when I cut onions?
Where do babies come from? (most asked question)


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    May 24 2011: I always wondered, and still do, where do things come from. Every little thing, where did it come form, who invented it, who gave manes to different stuff. These kind of things still amaze me.

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