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Were we left with no choice, when choosing religion?

Iittle or nothing was known about evolution at the time most religions came into being. Evolution= Ability. Ability without some means to govern it would spiral out of control. This applies to all ability where ever it exists. This applying to evolution, is it no wonder that with the absence of this knowledge that religion was the only answer. If this knowledge had been available at this time; would the world have been a different place? I think perhaps we have come too far down the wrong path to ever get back overnight. In time however we may find our way back to that point again and this time we will be more equipped to choose the right path. Take out the divine help and the only way that evolution can work is by information passed on by the species.


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    May 20 2011: Religion is a belief of a higher power. It's a belief, a right that people are entitled to. What's wrong with people, as I myself do, believing in a Heaven and a Hell? It gives meaning to life and gives some people a reason to live justly. What fun is it looking at Death as the complete ending of your existence (not talking scientifically into fertilizer and stuff).
    • May 20 2011: Hello Justin. How do you know that evolution does not offer more to the meaning of life than religion? Evolution only benefits the species, so whatever evolution is all about: it is working in our interests. Perhaps it is our own fear and ignorance that keeps us away from the truth. Searching for the truth can only bring rewards if we start from a neutral position. An individual learns a trade, then decides to move on to some other work: that trade will still be with that individual, to be used whenever it's needed. When that individual dies however all that they have learned dies with them. Put this situation into a species and the scenario changes completely. When an individual dies within a species, the species does not die! With the absence of some divine help, the species can only progress through the information passed from the individuals in that species. In that way evolution knows exactly what is needed. This information could be held for generations and indeed for an eternity, depending when that information is needed. This could easily explain Ghosts, past lives and all the unexplained. It also raises one very important question; does the ferryman really exist? Maybe not!

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