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Toys to explain spiritual experience to a child

Looking for simple toys like arvind makes to explain spiritual things to a child... but not magic or simple idols... something that makes a child wonder in awe...

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    May 19 2011: I believe that children are born with a spirituality that is stolen from them by western educational values and strategies. Any toy or experience that allows a child to have a very personal and powerful encounter with that spirituality they are born with may help them resist its destruction and erosion as they are "put into the system".The Posrtmouth NH Children's Museum has a brainwave controlled game where opponents using only their minds compete in moving balls. Children of course are always better at it than adults. Not sure how it works or what it is all about ( I have seen a version out by Hammacher Schlemmer I think). I love the idea of it because it demonstrates the power and wonder of thought and intention . I would think that a child that has experienced moving a ball with hi sbrain waves would be strating in a very good place to explore and grow his own natural spirituality and fend off all he might encounter that would erode thatl