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Why all religion founders are male and no female?

Does it tell something about different approaches to Supreme Power by male and female?


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    May 20 2011: Mary Baker Edy started Christian Science in Boston. Not a full deletion, but at least a denomination/sect.
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      May 20 2011: I was going to wrie the same thing. She is the best example. If you think of the huge religions like Christianity, Buddhism or Hinduism as somehow more than a religion then there are women who founded Catholic religious orders combined with lay movements that have many qualities of a religion (Americans include Dorothy Day along with male Peter Maurin who founded Catholic Worker and two others who were nuns founded other things) Hinduism has its living goddesses and yogis and no particular human founder and so the picture is less clear than implied. However , where there is a clear human founder of a major religion anywhere he is a man always...so far as we know.

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