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Do you think world would be more peaceful place to live without any religion ?

From childhood I have learned and heard one thing from different people, books, religious and spiritual people, teachers etc. that there is only ONE GOD ONE CREATOR. But this question always bugs me, why we have so many religions so many rules to pray the same GOD. Why we sent and still spending billions of dollars in building different religious worship places or performing different ceremonies. I think if we have use that money to help miserable and needy people world we live in today would be better place to live !!
If you look back in human history, I think at any time, with a great regrate I have to say, that we have shed more blood on name of religion and God than anything else.
I think world would be more peaceful place to live if we didn’t have any name for the faith (which we call religion) to believe or pay the God without any name .
I’m not in favour or against of any religion and I defiantly don’t want to hurt anyone’s sentiment.
So, can we all please make sure, while commenting, not to mention any particular religions or God’s name?
My intention is just to discuss and see if whatever I’m saying or believing is right or not


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  • May 18 2011: That depends what you define as religion.

    Religion, at its core, is a social construct. It is a system that has accomplished more through cooperation than any other system in human history except blood relation. Religion is the only system out there that can consistently and widely convince unrelated people to give up their own resources for a cause they beleive in.

    However, religion does not discriminate between the ideas it promotes. Just as good ideas can be bolstered and great human accomplishments can be achieved, bad ideas can flourish for millennia, and it can also "accomplish" the subjugation of billions. It could be the belief that women are inferior, or it could be the abolition of slavery. It doesn't matter.

    So I think most prominent voices on the topic are wrong. We don't need to apply a sledgehammer to religion, we need to apply a scalpel. Cut out the bad and leave the good. Otherwise humans will just fill the void with some other crap. And there's no guarantee that it wouldn't be worse.

    Because it is a social construct the only way to truly get rid of religion is to get rid of humans.

    If you want to get rid of something get rid of the human appetite for absolute knowledge.
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      May 18 2011: Thanks for sharing your thoughts .Let’s not get in to complexity of the definition of the religion. What I mean by religion is what a common man would use or understand a word “religion”.
      I don’t know who had the first Idea to create a religion, but I’m sure that person or may be a group of people would have good intension behind creating it.
      But what we see today, people in power so called religious leaders, or people who do politics on name of religion, have defiantly don’t have a good intension using religion for there benbift.
      Millions and millions of people around the globe are misguided on name of religion. As matter of fact these “unrelated people” who haven’t even seen each other don’t even know each there’s name, hate others just because of others religion.
      And as you said, religion is the only system which convinces unrelated people to give up their resources for the cause they believe. Unfortunately, majority of the resources of the world are controls by minority .And these people (not all.. there are always exceptions and good people out there )who gave up their resources to control society, to stay in power and rule the world the way they want .Out of approx 6.8 billion people in the world more than 2 billion people still leave in extreme poverty.
      What do you think these people gave up there resources.. For what cause?? if it’s a religious cause than it should be something to do with betterment of humanity .That’s what I think the whole purpose of religion was in first place.
      And, you are so right, religion does not discriminate the ideas they promote. But people in power misuse and misinterpret for their own good. And can draw the line where is the good and what is bad . If everyone will keep saying MY religion is superior than your and my God is a truth and your God is fake.
      Its easy to say, keep the GOOD and eliminate the BAD, but unfortunately reality doesn’t work that way ,society doesn’t work that way .
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      May 23 2011: Yes. Apply the scalpel. Cut away at religion until all that remains is humanism.
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        May 25 2011: @ Tim
        Yes religion has been fading from Europe, which is great because it is self imposed, but religion does intwine with culture quite a bit. Do you think you can really amputate religion from societies that are not ready to make that leap. Would it not be better to actually learn about cultures and trade ideas with them in an egalitarian manner rather than haggling over ideas no one can prove one way or the other. People who expose dangerous anti social fundamentalist ideas should be marginalize as much as possible but for others who only entertain kooky ideas I really don't see the benefit of going on the offense.

        By the way I am an atheist, but I as I see it that is just another system of belief too.
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          May 27 2011: Wrong "ism"

          Atheism does not have the burden of proof. An atheist does not claim anything. It is the THEIST who holds the burden of proof, as they are the one making the claim. Again, atheism is a lack of belief... that's what the affix "a" generally indicates- not something.
    • May 30 2011: and who is to be the judge of what the 'bad' bits are....bring in the scalpel by all means but im pretty sure what you think needs to be 'cut out', others will see as the good that needs to stay.
      For me, ill be the judge thanks. I am the only one who can make these decisions for me. And i am the one wholey affected by my own beliefs.
      Relgion is not my cuppa tea as i am capable of making good decisions for me and mine. Spirtuality is my cup. To lovening look over all rules, traditions, celebrations, rituals etc and find those that sit well with me. Those that allow me to live the loving, open life i want to live.
      You guys are welcome to sort it out for yourselves......just allow me to do the same.
      If i make a mistake then please allow me the graceousness to correct my own way, i will as soon as i see things arnt going the way id like.
      Share your love, support, caring, kindness and all the other wonderful parts of your human ness. But please dont presume to know what is right for me. Only I, as an intellengent and worthwhile human being can know what is right for me.
      And a loving God, as i understand God, is the only god im interested in.

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