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What will you do with your aging parents?

My parents are older but not old. My mom in particular is running into issues of needing minor surgeries and having a hard time keeping up with her home. I love her so much and want to find a balance of caretaking and maintaining my own life and boundaries. My upbringing was very difficult but I still feel a strong sense of responsibility to her. Anyone with current experience or challenging parents especially respond.


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    May 24 2011: I would do whatever they'd prefer. Knowing my parents, they wouldn't want to move in with me because they don't want to impose on my life. To be honest, I don't mind if they do. They mean the world to me and gave me life.

    If they don't want to move in with me, I'd probably either move closer to my parents so that I'm only a phone call away or help pay to have them moved closer. I'd probably move closer to them as I know they cherish their home and location (as do I).

    It's a very interesting question and I think you'll get very different answers. I think a lot of it is cultural.

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