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LIVE TED Conversation: Join TED Speaker Sean Carroll

LIVE conversation with cosmologist Sean Carroll, TEDxCaltech Speaker and author of From Eternity to Here: The Quest for the Ultimate Theory of Time.

The conversation will open at 4pm (Eastern Standard Time), May 19, 2011. Sean is on vacation in Las Vagas, and will join us from his hotel room there to discuss the cosmos, the nature of time, and the science of poker.


Closing Statement from Sean Carroll

Thanks for participating, everyone! I hope some light was shed. It's been a pleasure chatting with the TED community.

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    May 19 2011: Do you believe physics will ever be able to account for consciousness?
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      May 19 2011: I believe that consciousness, like every property of matter and energy, is ultimately compatible with the underlying laws of physics. That is, we don't need to violate the laws of physics to explain consciousness. On the other hand, it might not be helpful to think in terms of particles and forces if we want to create a theory of consciousness, just as we don't invoke particles and forces when we talk about hurricanes or the stock market. We'll have to see how the research goes.
      • May 19 2011: If consciousness' "code" includes "logics" of 300 million years of evolution I think it would be impossible to gain artificially same level of deep process unity for the system of the individual consciousness. Emotions are needed for consciousness and there is no emotions without huge amount of cumulative evolutive processes in DNA based "biomatter".
        We can produce some kind of bastard copy versions of DNA-based programmed biomachines but they could not gain the independent consciousness to have self controlled and balanced emotions. 300 million year programming can not be copied. I think.

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