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LIVE TED Conversation: Join TED Speaker Sean Carroll

LIVE conversation with cosmologist Sean Carroll, TEDxCaltech Speaker and author of From Eternity to Here: The Quest for the Ultimate Theory of Time.

The conversation will open at 4pm (Eastern Standard Time), May 19, 2011. Sean is on vacation in Las Vagas, and will join us from his hotel room there to discuss the cosmos, the nature of time, and the science of poker.


Closing Statement from Sean Carroll

Thanks for participating, everyone! I hope some light was shed. It's been a pleasure chatting with the TED community.

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  • May 19 2011: sean, thanks for your time! just wondering... when two people watch a funny movie they laugh... when they watch a sad movie, they cry... would that count as a repeatable finding for a scientific experiment? would it prove that there is a dimension of emotions?
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      May 19 2011: I think you would have to design a more careful scientific protocol than that. It might be possible to think of "emotions" as a dimension, but it's clearly not the same kind of dimension as time and space -- so one could argue that you're just abusing the terminology.

      But emotions are real, and hard to study. Human sciences in general are much more difficult than physics and astronomy.
      • May 19 2011: ah. thx for your response! when i was a little kid, one of my teachers had me read a book called flatland or something... and it said that to find the next dimension, you just had to go "inside yourself" or something like that lol. i guess that's what i've been imagining all these years!

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