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Mind emulation

If you have virtual machines that emulate custom hardware and OS's
you should have equivalent features on Brain (hardware)/ Mind (software).

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    Jun 6 2011: The existance of emulators of hardware and software is based on the knowledge of a formal structure of digital information. You can sumarize a digital process into an algorithmical sequence of steps and develop another algorithm which can process the previous one. That's a way of describing the process of emulation. For example, if you emulate an operative system inside another, you can work inside of it because the emulator program reserves some memory for the emulated system, and gives it some determined resources because there is a formal definition which describes what does the emulated system need. So knowing that, you can give it what it needs and it will work. But the problem with human brain is affected by a lot of factors from the genotype and the phenotype, and it makes it impossible to make a standard "hardware" definition since all of the brains are built differently. The same happens with mind, it's built so dynamically that we cannot define a regular way to interpret that thinking develops in each mind. So I think that emulators for brain and mind cannot be made since of the multiple variables making its influence on the way of mind and brain are built.