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Education re: Medical Cannabis on a National level - a Medical Cannabis Movement

Medical cannabis needs a FACELIFT! The "Culture Club" as I call them has hurt Medical Cannabis patients on a National level. So many folks in today's world envision a stereotypical "pothead" or "hippie" when the word medical marijuana is mentioned.

Cannabis was a medicine for thousands of years before it was removed from our pharmacopeia. Over the 74+ years of it's prohibition - the medical usage has been overshadowed by recreational usage - hurting the science on an International level.

It is time to EDUCATE folks at all levels - and expose the true science and fact. It is time for the Culture Club to go away and let legitimate patients have access to safe medicine without the pressures of recreational use and legalization constantly looming - or being a diversion for prohibitionists.

I have been up to my eyeballs with this very issue for almost 2 years now - and completely open to the public. It is time for all others to come out from the shadows and speak the truth....end the lies about this plant and it's benefits.

Separate the species - and grow hemp in the USA.........

It's just flat out time to end the prohibition. We are an EDUCATED society aren't we?

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    May 17 2011: Folks might be interested to read about Maine's 2009 enacted medical marijuana law. Here's the linkhttp://www.maine.gov/legis/lawlib/medmarij.htmlI haven't paid that much attention to it but I havent heard of any difficulties, scandals or abuses since it was enacted. Perhaps it's a good model for advancing the cause in other states. I believe this woul dbe considered a state's rights issue..iei not terrain for federal law..but I am not an expert on what constiutes states rights.
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