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How to revolutionize tipping and improve service at restaurants.

Instead of tipping at the end of a meal why not post the estimated tip at the beginning and then just add or remove dollar bills (or chips which could be imprinted with the company logo) from the table as you get good or bad service. Waiters know how well they are doing, you get better quality service, and restaurants improve service levels and staffing while delivering truly outstanding service which gets rewarded in real time.


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    May 20 2011: I KIND OF love this idea. However (and speaking as a former restaurant owner) the waiter is expected to give perfect service each and every time, to each and every customer, regardless of what the tip might be. Does this always happen? No. But, it IS what the waiter is expected to TRY to achieve. Your system would allow for a waiter to do poor work if the posted tip was too low. That's not how restaurants work.
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      May 20 2011: Poor workers are quickly displaced in the service industry. This would allow mangers to quickly see how people are doing and give guidance and training or eliminate a poor resource.

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