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How to revolutionize tipping and improve service at restaurants.

Instead of tipping at the end of a meal why not post the estimated tip at the beginning and then just add or remove dollar bills (or chips which could be imprinted with the company logo) from the table as you get good or bad service. Waiters know how well they are doing, you get better quality service, and restaurants improve service levels and staffing while delivering truly outstanding service which gets rewarded in real time.


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    May 17 2011: You have a very good point here. I don't know how much waiter/waitress get paid in America, They get good incentive though. But also the tipping is good way to get good service. I experience always, when i go to the restaurant the waiter over there always remember my face and always come upfront to serve me. The reason is i tip them always good. So your idea is good one to get good service if you tip them good.
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      May 17 2011: Naeem - thanks for your comment. Maybe you can tell us about tipping in your culture? I have no idea either of how to tip overseas. In the US a fine restaurant is 20% for excellent dine in service. Mid price restaurant 15% is average.

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