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Corporations that make profit from peace

What if there was a corporation that made more money during peacetime than wartime? Something like a defense contractor that was paid to be prepared for war, but the corporation would be ultimately unprofitable during war. They could hire lobbyists to push for peace. I would really like input on this idea, because obviously right now it is not worthwile.

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    May 17 2011: It couldn't be unprofitable during war if it's role is to be prepared for war, why would it prepare itself for war if it's not profitable. And also even if this corporation is not making profit during wars, there are still a lot of corporations making profit during wars.

    Now, How do "they" get out of the game ?

    By reforming the central bank system, change the way the money gets into the market, instead of having credit repaid with interests, let's have money offered to humanitarian causes or corporations making products which increase the quality of life of humans, and also take away money from corporation making product which kill people or do harms to humans.

    We cannot repress violence with violence, only through peace, love and tolerance can we repress violence.

    By allowing the biggest amount of money to be used for the best causes, we might be able to stop wars and other kind of corruption, but by allowing free market, we cannot be surprise of the awful results we get.

    As much as people like the free market, all of it is an illusion, the people have no control over the free market as long as they follow that system they will remain enslaved to it, with all the injustice it brings. The people will continue to struggle paying the bills while having dreams, and the children will continue to be born with a bigger part of the public debt as soon as they enter the world.

    The current system is completely rotten, it needs to be burned, buried and forgotten. A new system must be created, a global, international, pro-peace, pro-humanity, built with all the common virtues in heart : Charity, Humility, Patience, Kindness, Chastity, Temperance and Diligence.

    To each of these virtues should be allow an applicable sum, that would motivate people to act kindly toward each others at first and bring a balance of buying power after a while.
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      May 17 2011: I suppose that I have less faith in man than you Maxime. Although the idea that humanitarians should be adequately rewarded for their deeds is a good one, it is difficult in practice. Just recently we have seen Greg Mortinson's fall from grace, which has sealed the fate of a thousand hopeful girls. Other innovative ventures, such as The Grameen Bank, have yet to be proven, and may in fact push third world communities into debt.

      I agree that our system is very broken, but we have to work with the unfortunate truths of human nature. Greed, hubris, impatience, evil, promiscuity, intemperance and laziness are survival mechanisms that are a part of all of us, although some are slowly being bred out of us. In our current system war is economically incentivized, whereas peace is seen as liberal and unsustainable. If this system is flipped on its head, we might just have a chance.

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