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What would your TED talk be?

Outlines only, please :)

  • May 21 2011: I think I would talk about a new way of classifying people based on their ideal role in society, and going beyond the typical demographic descriptions of religion, race, income, education etc. This classification would be defined based on innate passions - not trained occupations, and would hopefully help to identify purpose and encourage fulfillment of purpose.
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    May 17 2011: My interest has recently been sparked by an idea of a true global and earth-wide citizenship.

    I would most likely speak about that to begin with. There are others. I am a student of ideas and how it can breach that veil from mind to reality.

    Your statement that some of the grandest (and even perhaps the most doable and context-sensitive) visions and ideas are outside the view of fame and opportunity.
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    May 22 2011: i would present 100 common misconceptions. ten seconds each.

    examples: different areas on the tongue senses different tastes. spinach has exceptionally much iron in it. in the middle ages, people thought the earth is flat. and so on. ten seconds would be enough to present the misconception, and briefly present the truth with an easy to grasp picture or data.
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    May 22 2011:

    In case you want to submit something.

    If this talk took place soon I would try to span a few ideas that should be widely known or considered. Things such as expanding use of current technologies for solutions in feilds outside the reason for the original development. Or energy efficiency and ways retrofit current or build new infrastructure to produce more energy more efficiently. Just a few random things that should be better known really.
    If this talk took place a few years from now I would have a more specific topic.
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    May 16 2011: I think my first one would be 'Outsiders, Outliers, and Change', underlying the fact that many of the grandest visions are the furthest from fame's periscope, proposing some groovy new techniques for finding them, including filters, algorithms, and even chance to let them surface.