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How do we tone down the political rhetoric and focus on critical thinking and reasoning skills in the age of 24-hour news channels?

As a society, how do we get away from regurgitating political sound bites that demonise people who hold contrary opinions and move to more constructive debate? What can parents do to raise kids with strong reasoning skills? How do we incorporate critical thinking in to our education system? How do we overcome the marginalizing language of the 24-hour news pundits?

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    May 16 2011: destroy politics as we know it.
  • May 25 2011: In the attempt to answer your questions i would like to answer them one at a time.
    1. moving to constructive debate: We as a population might recognize that we are one of the largest unions available and that as this union we can bring about change through striking, What is meant is this: stop feeding the animals that feed off of vilifying of others, dont watch the debates, refuse to vote unless a candidate shows strong reasoning and stance, not political dodging of questions and sidestepping big issues.
    2. Raising kids to reason: The best teacher is experience, point out the shaky arguments given by others, and challenge your kids to back up their own claims with good reasons. Reading philosophy is also a great way to learn from the some of the best reasoners. For kids i might suggest easier authors, maybe Plato (i am very hesitant to make any real claim on who to read).
    3. Educating reasoning: At large the education system is designed as a "gather and regurgitate" program not a "figure it out system" Kids need to be challenged to teach themselves not just absorb whatever the teacher throws at them. Also, introductory courses in philosophy would be great in gen. ed.
    4. Overcome the 24hour news: stop watching it. Have good reasons why all it is is mudslinging and fear-mongering. We enjoy reality TV because it has drama not good education and it is the same for 24-hour news.