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How to bring peace in the world???

Today the world is facing so many problems like, economic, political, and a serious problem which can destroyed the world is unpeaceful conditions of the world, so i invite you to suggest how can we make our wold peaceful????


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    May 16 2011: Kill everything on the planet so that it is silent and peaceful like the Moon. This is peace.

    How do we bring human-centric peace on Earth? Likely impossible without serious abdication of key realities of being a human. Things like privacy, travel, speech etc. I remember reading 1984 a long time ago and remarking about how peaceful life was in Oceana.

    I think it's more realistic to think about World Harmony rather than World Peace. Harmony allows for violence and death, as long as it's offset by opposite acts. I think the Earth right now is rather harmonious despite all the terrible news we see on TV. We're not dead yet!
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      May 16 2011: Hear hear
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      May 16 2011: You saying that your peace offsets Pakistan's violence so it's OK?
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        May 17 2011: No form violence is acceptable to me but World Peace is a fairy tale. The best thing you can do is model peaceful ways to those around you and teach it to your offspring.

        Ain't nothing I can do to curb violence in another country fueled by other mindsets.

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