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High time that IMF be headed by a candidate from emerging economies?

Traditionally IMF head has been a European. Now could be a good time to democratize this international institution and make it relevant in the changed/changing economic environment in which the pivot of global finance and economy is shifting towards newly emerging economies.


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  • May 26 2011: Hi all,
    Nice to see all nice comments and ideas. I just read this article by Roubini; thought you might like it in connection with the question. Something more to think about who can help as leader in this organization.

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      May 27 2011: Sanjay

      .thanks.great article.

      those little piigs got no market.

      ..will be interesting to see what happens.and how it effect the EUand the IMF

      want to make a bet????

      The World Bank will be in this somehow.

      (Sanjays link is about the apparently irresolveable debt crisi in the PIIGS..Portgugal, Italy, Ireland, Grece and Spain)

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