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Have you reinvented yourself, or started a movement?

Seth Godin, Sir Ken Robinson and Derek Sivers all talk about the potential we have to effect the change we want and start something that attracts attention and gets followed. I believe this too, but I'd love to hear from people who've done it. What was it you changed, and why? What struggles did you have and how did you overcome them? And what lies ahead for you?


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    May 30 2011: I have a wise girlfriend and after a long conversation realised that I am not in control of all the outcomes.At the same time I feel excited and came up with this poem:

    Intelligent adaption
    And potential hold sway
    Infinite possibility
    And a mindful new day

    A pre-packaged narrative
    Built upon history
    Starts to give way
    To a book rich in mystery
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      May 30 2011: Christopher,

      Lovely and inspiring!

      I wonder, given your theme of adaption, possibility and "giving way" if "an evolving narrative" fits your focus a bit more than pre-packaged. My experience is there is something quite solid about my narrative, but also that it is iterative. So as I build upon my history and open a book rich in mystery, my narrative evolves, too.

      In any case, your poem is a wonderful expression of realization that we aren't in control of all. Which is really quite exciting, as we write and live each chapter.

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        May 30 2011: Hi Andrea, I see exactly what you mean. I enjoy reading your contributions and welcome constant interpretation and re interpretation. It's only very recently that I have tried my hand at poetry , but I find that that same 'musical' moment that might drive me to write is similar to the 'open state' that invites possibility.I am going to heed your words because I enjoy a book that evolves with a 'twist' and without a need for flashbacks. And thankyou for kind words..
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      May 31 2011: Nice words, finely captured.

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