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Have you reinvented yourself, or started a movement?

Seth Godin, Sir Ken Robinson and Derek Sivers all talk about the potential we have to effect the change we want and start something that attracts attention and gets followed. I believe this too, but I'd love to hear from people who've done it. What was it you changed, and why? What struggles did you have and how did you overcome them? And what lies ahead for you?


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    May 30 2011: I'm in the process right now. I've come to realise that I need to rediscover myself and transform into someone more in-tune with the earth and my own self. I want to embetter and improve my abilities and clear my mind. This is all a process of self-actualization, which I believe takes a life-time to truly achieve.. but it is easier to get there and truly be a good person, who makes an impact, if you can correct your path. Better diet, better thinking, better actions.

    It is difficult, but in my mind, definitely worth it!

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