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What, in your opinion, is a good way to parent children?

I've found that parenting techniques are highly debated and many times one technique doesn't work for everyone, but of course I'd just like to find out what people's opinions are on this matter, and see if some good ideas can come out of this conversation.

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    May 25 2011: Don't touch that, it's hot...
    If you touch that it will burn you because it is hot!...
    ... You see, you got burnt because it was hot.
  • May 25 2011: Always keep in mind that children are conscious humans too, be able to supply them with reasons as to why you are forcing them to do something as they are often more capable of reason than you might assume.

    And know the sources of great influence in the child's life, be it media, education or the way in which you treat them. Know how they will affect the child and know what is best for the child but, again, always have reason behind your actions.
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    May 16 2011: I followed the book CHILDREN THE CHALLENGE, by Rudolf Dreikurs. I think it worked.
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    May 16 2011: Realize that every person and family is different and you have to make the choices that work best for your family. A happy family is a good family. Make the decisions that work for you, be consistant, and follow through with what you say you are going to do.
  • May 16 2011: This is a great topic that people write books about =)

    I think parents should not be extreme in parenting. Some parents do not care at all what their kids are doing in free time and do not help them to understand this world, letting TV and wii raise their kids. Other parents constantly look over their child and help him/her in every moment of their life even when they reach adulthood without much pain or effort for the child to experience.

    I believe that parents should give kids as much freedom as it is reasonable given their age and circumstances. Let kids learn to be responsible for their actions. Teach them about ethics, history, science, art, music and expose them to various activities and team sports. Kids can then find things they are good at and enjoy doing. They will get well rounded education, not only what is taught at schools.

    I would let kids learn through experience (but not all experience is worth having) and let them realize how lucky they are living in relatively safe and free society. Teaching them about volunteering, donations, helping others and participating in various competitions and tournaments.

    Finally I would grow their creativity and curiosity through incursion into nature, camping, hiking etc. Let them build robots, machines, make artistic projects, short movies and music videos. Let them play board games and some computer games too but everything with limit.

    And definitely this applies to every child whether it is a boy or girl =)