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Theory of Universal Evolution? & Does Life(Evolution)=Reverse Law of Universal Entropy?

I posed this question to Dr. Michio Kaku on Big Think. I seriously doubt he'll have time to entertain the question. But my fellow TED followers are here specifically to entertain Ideas. So here's the Idea....
If Earth has a twin sister planet that has developed just like Earth (in all the elemental ratios), do you think that mankind would be a naturally occurring event?...also...in regards to life/evolution- Why doesn't the nature of our very existence as an evolutionary species bring the law Universal Entropy into question?---Update---The conversation has Evolved (joke there) check the comments.


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    • May 16 2011: Humans can, with effort, create pockets of order basically at will. If our abilities surpass the universe's ability to cause it to decay, I don't see any reason why we can't order everything we can reach. As I understand it, the entropy thing is based on the fact that possible disordered states are more numerous, and therefore more likely ,than the ordered ones. It's not impossible for wind to randomly build a sandcastle, it's incredibly unlikely. Our ability to create and maintain order seems to be increasing, so, yes I think we might beat the odds. I'd guess that they are very long odds though.

      EDIT: That was logical entropy -- the kind that applies to evolution. Thermodynamic entropy is different, I learned minutes ago, from another poster.

      The concept of "usable energy" that thermodynamic entropy relies on, seems like it might be a technical issue too though. I can't see how we can't, with better technology, use all the energy. At the same time I have a nagging feeling I'd be making a perpetual motion machine. Although, In frictionless space, I ought to be able to just throw something and have it be forever in motion, if a path could be found that was suitable. I'm gonna go argue something other than physics, I'm out of my element.

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