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Theory of Universal Evolution? & Does Life(Evolution)=Reverse Law of Universal Entropy?

I posed this question to Dr. Michio Kaku on Big Think. I seriously doubt he'll have time to entertain the question. But my fellow TED followers are here specifically to entertain Ideas. So here's the Idea....
If Earth has a twin sister planet that has developed just like Earth (in all the elemental ratios), do you think that mankind would be a naturally occurring event?...also...in regards to life/evolution- Why doesn't the nature of our very existence as an evolutionary species bring the law Universal Entropy into question?---Update---The conversation has Evolved (joke there) check the comments.


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    May 15 2011: EEEENTROPY...I assumed it was set, being called a law. I stand comfortably corrected. Thermodynamic or Logical?...or other unknown applications. If anyone is looking to turn away from the caustic and overindulgent speculation of politics or religion, I would suggest avoiding Entropy. Great starting summary of where we are at with it: http://www.panspermia.org/seconlaw.htm.

    Sorry Rodger but I couldn't help but laugh when I read:

    """Life is organization. From prokaryotic cells, eukaryotic cells, tissues, and organs, to plants and animals, families, communities, ecosystems, and living planets, life is organization, at every scale. The evolution of life is the increase of biological organization, if it is anything. Clearly, if life originates and makes evolutionary progress without organizing input from outside, then something has organized itself. Logical entropy in a closed system has decreased. This is the violation that people are getting at, when they say that life violates the second law of thermodynamics. This violation, the decrease of logical entropy in a closed system, must happen continually in the darwinian account of evolutionary progress.
    Most darwinists just ignore this staggering problem. When confronted with it, they seek refuge in the confusion between the two kinds of entropy. Entropy [logical] has not decreased, they say, because the system is not closed. Energy such as sunlight is constantly supplied to the system. If you consider the larger system that includes the sun, entropy [thermodynamic] has increased, as required. ""

    No offense intended Rodger. The page illustrates the many viewpoints of Entropy. I thought I was walking on a beach till it gave way to an ocean of theories. Just floating here...Sharing my water shock.
    Entropy!!!! I took a bite, Rodge weighed in. Lets here more! Throw some hot rocks in the cool water! See what happens...
    • May 16 2011: Too, it's not that more organized spots are impossible, it's that they are less likely than disorganized spots. Over time this increases entropy. If I'm not over-reaching, this just means life would be rarer than non-life. Our solar system is replete with non-life, which gives me the illusion that I know what I'm talking about. If living things somehow came to vastly outnumber non-living things Jeremiah would have a point. Seems he's intrigued by the possibility we could spread through the universe and order it all. If that happened, he could run around to everyone who believes in thermodynamics and say I told you so. I don't see why that isn't possible in principle, but I fear I just don't understand thermodynamics well enough. Is it impossible, or just really really unlikely?
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        May 16 2011: I like it Chris. Way to toss your hat in. Your not too far at all from what I'm suggesting. The remedy to the rub is around minute 13 or so in Sean Carrols discussion of the future condition of our universe: If it is in a constant state of rising entropy and all abiding things will eventually succumb to black holes before even those become nothing for what is to easily be the longest period of this universes existence...there will then come a time when just one thing still alive, by itself, would vastly outnumber all non-living things.
    • May 16 2011: Gah! I read the article. It seems that the type of entropy that applies to evolution has nothing to do with thermodynamics. Luckily enough, I picked the right kind to talk about, by falsely believing it was the only kind :)

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