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Basic education: There are twelve Rs not the traditional three

Can any of the following be left out of basic education?
Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic
Relationships, Reasoning, Remembering
Reviewing, Responsibility, Reflecting
Researching, Reporting, Resolve

This list is a template for schools to teach, businesses to recruit and carers to watch. (eg I'd better remind old Mrs. Jones that today's the day of her doctor's appointment as she's not good at remembering things.)

Although all these are essential life-skills, curricula don't work along these lines. I suggest they ought to.

This isn't a complete education, see the 12 Maturities.

My idea is that a group of people would easily be able to complete a comprehensive guide to the 12Rs.

See for a fuller description and suggested team effort.

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    May 14 2011: I like the Cs too:
    Critical Thinking
    Chivalry (considerate and courteous behavior)
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    May 14 2011: Some more Rs are
    Rewarding, Revising, Recapping, Rendering, Reprimanding
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    May 14 2011: Pythagoreanism founder Pythagoras (ca. 570 – ca. 490 BCE) favored the topics/subjects of Quadrivium. "The quadrivium comprised the four subjects, or arts, taught in medieval universities after the trivium. The quadrivium consisted of arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy. These followed the preparatory work of the trivium made up of grammar, logic, and rhetoric. In turn, the quadrivium was considered preparatory work for the serious study of philosophy and theology."

    Not so basic but interesting to consider none the less!