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What kind of role do play motivation in the behavior of a person ?

I wonder sometimes, what kind of role do play the motivation of people in ther behavior , or dosent have motiavtion an impact on it. What do you think about this ? Or do you have any clue how it affects the behavior ?

P.s sorry for my bad English

  • Jun 14 2011: I think motivation is made up of our physical/emotional inclinations as well as our logical reasoning for pursuing incentives. In this discussion, the incentive in question is irrelevant. Since our emotional and logical inclinations are transient and constantly change from time to time, our behaviors could be described as inconsistent. Perhaps concepts like character, attitude, and motive arent sufficient in trying to account for behavior because these qualities are not static. Thus, nobody is perfect and our behavior falls to inconsistency.
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    May 17 2011: Does anyone else have a idea what kind of role do play motivation on the behavior of a person ?
  • May 15 2011: I believe, if you want to know how people will behave...figure out how they are being incentified (i know it isn't a word, but makes the point :) or motivated and that will help you understand their behavior and possibly even predict future action. I will use a politician as an example, does he/she do what's right, wrong or what will get him/her elected. I believe the answer is what will get him/her elected.
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      May 15 2011: The motive in your example in this case is the election , if he don`t have this motive (if he knows that he will be elected) would he do whats right or wrong ? And if he do right do he have a motivation for the right things ? ( i guess yes) If so than for every motivation we would have a other behavior , than the behavior would be relative , right ?
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    May 14 2011: In simple terms, motivation helps people to become more courageous or unconstrained. Motivation only works when we recognize a barrier and an external influence tells us that we can break that barrier.
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    May 14 2011: Hello Taulant, thanks for your question. It is an interesting one.

    In psychology there is a maxim that says that for ourselves we believe that circumstances determine our behaviours but for others we believe that their behaviour is determined by their character.
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      May 14 2011: Thanks for your comment Debra.
      I have heard about this maxim , but i wonder what motive gives what behavior or does every motive , influences the person in te same way , so that he does the same things , or act in the same way. And your explaniation tells a little bit that every character that we have is determinded by our motive or am i wrong ?
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    May 14 2011: I know "attitude" plays a great role. And it's an iceberg of which only 3-5% is visible. Motivation plays it's role only on that visible part while most our behivioral aspect is shaped up by our "ATTITUDE".
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      May 14 2011: Salim i think its very interesting how you explain that thing. Can you tell me more about attitude and motivation ? How does motivation forms the attitude ?
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        May 14 2011: Hi Taulant
        Thanks for your interest. What I know is that "Attitude" is something formed with ones Values, Ethics, Standard, Belief, Motives,Judgements etc and is not visible to others.
        The visible part is only our Behavior which is impacted by our Attitude. And that behavior part which is visible can be highest 10%.
        To my understanding motivation is a short term kind of thing and mostly can impact our behavior to a shorter extent. As what motivates one now may not be able to motivate him or her after sometimes.

        To bring longerterm change one need to work on attitude , which is a difficult task I feel.
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          May 14 2011: Attitude is foremed from : Values , Ethics , Standards , Motivation etc. Does it mean that our attitude does change if our motives change ( because our motives can change every day ) or does motivation hase a such small impact on our attitude that the attitude doesn`t change ?
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        May 14 2011: It's not Motivation but Motive on which actually motivation can work on. Motive is just one part of the attitude but yes it can change that part with motivation but that's very short term as I told earlier that's my feelings which can be wrong as I am neither a psychologist nor a behavioral scientist , just sharing my shallow knowledge ion that area.

        There is saying which says no one can motivate anyone really , it's the self motivation which can motivate one.

        However to change "Attitude" it really needs constant effort from one own self through changing Belief, Value, Standard, Ethics , Motives etc.